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Is Your Business Laptop Tough Enough?

Life on the road isn’t easy for a business laptop. From being stuffed into bags and thrown onto airport security trays to getting pushed under seats and crammed into overhead plane compartments, these notebooks take a lot of abuse. Commonly referred to as business rugged laptops, these machines offer enhanced durability features yet aren’t noticeably [...]

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Life On The Road

Business men and women that spend a lot of their time on the road do not lead an easy life. The stress of traveling can really get to you after awhile. Did you ever think about what your travel-heavy lifestyle does to your electronics? Stuffing your laptop into a cramped bag, tossing it under the [...]

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Lightweight and Rugged?

One thing that most people do not think about when they buy a piece of rugged electronics is the added weight. In order to protect against falls, temperature fluctuations, dust, humidity, water, and vibrations, the electronics themselves must be ruggedized. This means that all the internal components are sectioned off to protect them against outside [...]

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Rugged Laptops: Why Some Laptops Last When Others Don't

For most people, choosing a laptop is mainly about performance, display size, storage, and functional features. However, for people who want a fully rugged laptop that has to last a long time and withstand a lot of bumps, spills, and knocks, durability is a critical consideration. If you're looking for a tough laptop, you've came [...]

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Ruggedized Gaming

What do gamers do when they head out on a trip? Often times they cannot take their gaming systems with them, it is just not practical. This is why avid gamers almost always travel with high functioning laptops so that they can stay connected no matter where they head. Now what do these gamers do [...]

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How Rugged Laptops Provide Safe Computing

Everyone knows that electricity and water do not mix. It is also common knowledge that electronics do not hold up very well in temperature extreme locations. So how can you have safe computing when your job leads you out into the elements or into the extremes? There has to be a better way to work [...]

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Outlasting The Competition

When it comes to choosing a new laptop how do you go about your decision? Do you purchase a computer that can handle amazing graphics? Are you looking for a laptop with lightning fast processing speeds? Does work come first and you need to be able to stay connected to WiFi all over the world? [...]

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Working on the Road?

Men and women across the country make their living traveling for work. These individuals live out of suitcases, spend long periods of time in cars and airports, and must still keep up with their work. Anyone that has traveled knows what it can do to electronic devices. Between dropping a device or spilling a drink, [...]

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Rugged Electronics for Mountaineering Expeditions

Technology has made our outdoor adventures into much more pleasant experiences. While there may still be danger lurking around every corner, technology has improved the overall experience. These technological advances are especially important for extreme mountaineers that spend long periods of time away from the general population. These men and women risk their lives on [...]

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Improving Outdoor Readability

Have you ever taken your conventional laptop outside on a beautiful day and noticed that you cannot read the screen? The glare on the laptop screen can cause outdoor work to be cut short. Typical laptop screens do not fare well in sunny conditions, and there is little that the owner can do about that. [...]

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