DURABOOK Rugged Computers

Durabook rugged laptops and rugged tablets are robust and reliable devices designed to withstand harsh environments and demanding work conditions. Durabook's rugged devices are built to meet MIL-STD-810H standards, ensuring resistance to drops, shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperature variations - with an IP65 rated for protection against water and dust ingress, making them suitable for rigorous outdoor use.


Equipped with the latest technology, providing users with powerful processors, lots of RAM, and high-speed solid-state drives for quick and seamless multitasking. They also offer various wireless capabilities such as Wi-Fi,  Bluetooth, 4G LTE and GPS. Backed by Durabook's Accidental Damage Warranty.

As Strong As It Gets. Boundless Customization.

Built for All. All in One.


One Step Above Semi Rugged


Thinnest and Lightest in its Class


Sleek and Compact with 12th Gen Processing Power

Ultra Affordable With Feature-Rich Functionality

Extreme Power, Ultra Compact.


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