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Outlasting The Competition

When it comes to choosing a new laptop how do you go about your decision? Do you purchase a computer that can handle amazing graphics? Are you looking for a laptop with lightning fast processing speeds? Does work come first and you need to be able to stay connected to WiFi all over the world? [...]

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Working on the Road?

Men and women across the country make their living traveling for work. These individuals live out of suitcases, spend long periods of time in cars and airports, and must still keep up with their work. Anyone that has traveled knows what it can do to electronic devices. Between dropping a device or spilling a drink, [...]

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Rugged Electronics for Mountaineering Expeditions

Technology has made our outdoor adventures into much more pleasant experiences. While there may still be danger lurking around every corner, technology has improved the overall experience. These technological advances are especially important for extreme mountaineers that spend long periods of time away from the general population. These men and women risk their lives on [...]

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Improving Outdoor Readability

Have you ever taken your conventional laptop outside on a beautiful day and noticed that you cannot read the screen? The glare on the laptop screen can cause outdoor work to be cut short. Typical laptop screens do not fare well in sunny conditions, and there is little that the owner can do about that. [...]

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Marine Biology and the Fully Rugged Laptop

We have gone through a lot of individuals that would benefit from owning a fully rugged laptop during their normal work day. One of the careers that we did not mention was Marine Biology! Talk about a rough and tumble job! These scientists spend long periods of time in and around salt water. They also [...]

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Temperature Fluctuations and Laptop Function

Conventional laptops were not built to work properly during extreme temperature fluctuations. Most conventional laptops are meant to be used in a temperature controlled room. Varying temperature fluctuations can cause slow processing speeds, and many other malfunctions of a conventional laptop. This is not great news for individuals that do not spend their working days [...]

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How Salt Can Damage a Laptop

Electronic devices, such as laptops, can be affected by a large variety of things that are attributed to the environment. Believe it or not, salt from ocean spray is also very detrimental to electronic devices. This may not be a well known fact outside of the fishing or drilling community, but it is good to [...]

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Humidity Can Ruin Laptops

Laptop owners are always concerned about particles and fluid when it comes to their electronics. Spilling any liquid, or dropping crumbs can ruin the way in which a laptop operates. Due to the fact that the keyboard covers the internal components, it is easy to ruin a laptop in a matter of seconds. While most [...]

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Fickle Weather?

Weather is one of the main concerns for men and women that work outdoors. The difference between sunshine and rain can determine what type of electronics they can use on the job. Trying to complete work without the necessary tools can be challenging, time consuming, and detrimental to workflow. For men and women that work [...]

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Ruggedize the Police Force

No police officer is soft. Police officers should have only the most rugged and reliable laptops to keep them in constant contact with the precinct. Police officers need to have fully rugged laptops to keep them at the top of their games. As the first responders in a case of emergency, it is important that [...]

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