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The OC Rugged Info Center is provided to answer all your questions. Not sure if you need a semi rugged laptop or a fully rugged laptop? Need a handheld PDA or a convertible rugged tablet? Having issues with your existing machine? Talk to us; we'll guide the way.

Stay tuned for our fully detailed guide about the products in the rugged mobile computing industry.

The MIL-STD 810F break down...
This test method standard is approved for use by all departments and agencies of the Department of Defense (DoD). Although prepared specifically for DoD applications, this standard may be tailored for commercial applications as well. MIL-STD-810F is a significant revision of More about Fully Rugged Tests...

Outdoor Viewable Transflective LCD...
In these images, you can see three areas of the LCD sectioned off. This example shows how we implement the Outdoor Viewable Transflective More about Outdoor Viewable LCDs...

IP and NEMA Ratings...
The first number of the IP code indicates the degree that persons are protected against contact with moving parts (other than smooth rotating shafts) and the degree that equipment is protected against problems. More about IP and NEMA Ratings...

Frequently Asked Questions...
Don't feel comfortable placing your order through our secure website? No problem! We'll call you... Use our contact form and/or email our customer service department with your information. A friendly customer service representative will call you and help you with any questions you may have. More Questions...

Panasonic Toughbook Breakdown... 
Can't decide on the Panasonic Toughbook you need? Check out this brief breakdown of each Panasonic Toughbook. It talks about the standard and optional features for each ruggedized laptop. Don't know which machine is rugged enough for your needs? Follow this breakdown and all your questions will be answered. Still have questions? Call us toll free at 1-866-511-6113.

Panasonic Toughbook 19
Panasonic Toughbook 74
Panasonic Toughbook 52
GD-Itronix GoBook XR1
GD-Itronix GoBook VR2
GD-Itronix Duo Touch II
Motorola ML910
Getac B300
Getac V100
Getac E100
Getac M230N
Getac A790
TDS Nomad
TDS Recon

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