Tech Support

If you have an issue with your rugged laptop, rugged tablet, rugged convertible, or rugged handheld PDA, we make it easy for you to get in contact with the tech support professionals of the manufacturers we provide.

Panasonic Toughbook Support Logo 
Panasonic Toughbook Tech Support: 1-800-527-8675

Durabook Support Logo 
Durabook Tech Support: 1-510-492-0828

Getac Tech Support 
Getac Tech Support: 1-949-681-2950

Trimble Tech Support Logo 
Trimble Tech Support: 1-877-632-3813

Have a refurbished Toughbook and need support or repair? Call us at 1-866-511-6113, email us at, or chat live online. Have a broken touchscreen? We offer a complete refurbished Toughbook repair service. Call us right away for a quote, starting at $125.