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Hearing and comprehending are two different things. Many people know that rugged electronics exist, but do not quite understand how to utilize these hardy electronics. Rugged electronics are the toughest electronics on the market, and they work well for professionals that need more protection or shock absorption from their devices. This is exactly why OCRugged Laptops offers customers the best rugged electronics from all major manufacturers, including Durabook, Getac, Itronix, Motorola, Panasonic, and more.

How Rugged Electronics Are Different

Rugged electronics offer the user much more protection than a typical laptop, tablet, or PDA. Rugged devices are manufactured to function perfectly in harsh environments. This means that a rugged laptop would work in a dust storm, a rain storm, or 110 degree weather. Each manufacturer takes the sensitive internal components and encapsulates them. The laptops, tablets, or PDA’s are then sealed to further protect the internal components.

Every rugged electronic device must pass through rigorous inspections to ensure that they are safe for use in harsh environments. First, each device will have to pass the MIL-STD testing procedures which includes shock and vibration testing. Rugged electronics will also have to rate highly on the IP scale to ensure that liquid, dust, dirt, and corrosion will not reach internal components

What Rugged Electronics Protect Against

Resistance or protection against liquid and dust

Shock and vibration

Drops and falls


Particles such as dust, sand, etc.

Fluctuations in temperatures

Build up of salt/corrosion

OCRugged Laptops offers comprehensive information on our most popular models, including Panasonic Toughbooks, Getac Notebooks, and many more! To learn more about a specific product, just click on the links below.

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