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About Rugged Electronics

When you are out in the field, you do not have time to worry about whether or not your PDA, tablet, or laptop computer will be damaged in the line of duty. That is exactly why rugged electronics were invented. Rugged devices have gone through a series of stringent military standard tests to ensure that they can survive such situations as drops, high altitude, extremely low or high temperatures, rain, dust, shock, vibration, radiation, and even more. When things go awry and your laptop falls to the ground, where a normal laptop would be completely destroyed, a rugged laptop is made with shock-absorbing material, ensuring that your hard drive and all the data on it is in tact. When the information you carry around on your electronic device is crucial to your work, you cannot afford to lose it in an accident. With rugged electronics, there is nothing to fear. They can stand up to the test in any number of harsh environments. A Panasonic Toughbook once even stopped a bullet from hitting a US soldier!

Fields that may require either rugged or semi-rugged electronics include the military, public safety, manufacturing, construction, transportation, agriculture, retail, or healthcare. Rugged electronics increase productivity, protect against loss of information, and save employers money in the long run. They are reliable, and provide you with the highest level technology, wherever you are. It isn’t hard to understand why more and more industries are adopting rugged electronics as essentials for their workers.

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