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Use Rugged Laptops in Your Auto Repair Shop


Auto mechanics have a demanding and dirty job. You don’t want to purchase a fancy computer or tablet for your shop that ends up getting smashed, dirty, and broken just days after taking it out of the box. Rugged laptops are what you need! These hardy computers are able to withstand abuse from drops, spills, vibrations, and more.

OC Rugged is committed to being the most knowledgeable provider of Panasonic Toughbooks, rugged notebooks, rugged laptops, rugged tablets, and all the accessories needed to enhance your rugged devices in the field. With new, refurbished, and leasing options available for our products, we can provide you with the perfect tech solutions for your harsh environments!

Avoid Spills

You probably have a lot of liquids throughout your garage. Oils, coolants, wiper fluid, and even plain water! Keeping all of those away from a handy laptop or tablet can be a huge pain when you’re trying to get your work done on a vehicle. With rugged laptops, you can mitigate some of this fear. It’s always the best practice to keep your laptops away from spills and liquid, but rugged laptops offer some water-resistance. Instead of dropping everything to make sure your precious laptop isn’t ruined by small water droplets, you will be able to easily wipe away liquid sprays and continue with your tasks. Most rugged laptops are built to be water-resistant, but that doesn’t mean they are fully waterproof. You will still need to beware of large spills and immersion with your rugged devices.

Drop Resistant

Finally, devices that won’t have shattered screens and ruined hardware after taking a tumble! Rugged laptops are built to withstand the most grueling environments. When you drop a wrench on your computer, or accidentally knock it off your tool chest, you won’t be rushing off to the local computer repair shop. Rugged tech will leave your mind at-ease, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your fancy computer while you’re simply going through day-to-day tasks.


Rugged laptops offer something standard desktops don’t. They can go with you anywhere! Do you need to show some information to a customer in the lobby? Whip out your laptop. Need diagnostic info on a car back in the garage? Your laptop can sit just about anywhere and provide you with the information you desire. You are even able to take a rugged laptop to business meetings or franchises across town. With a rugged laptop, you can be confident it will always work for you, no matter where you need it.

Buy Refurbished

Buying new technology can often have a hefty price tag, especially if you need multiple units. With OC Rugged, you can buy refurbished computers with confidence. All of our refurbished computers are checked over and renovated by registered Microsoft technicians. They come to you fully tested and good as new. We offer warranties on all of our refurbished laptops, so you can shop with confidence knowing we will stand behind our products. We offer a wide selection of refurbished laptops from the top brands, including Panasonic. Check out our refurbished collection today!

Signup for a Lease

Are you trying to make the most of your department’s budget? Signup to make monthly payments on your rugged laptops. We want to work with you to make sure your business is operating at its best. Contact us if you have any questions about our leasing and monthly payment options. We’d be happy to assist you!

No matter what your auto repair shop needs, OC Rugged has you covered. Utilize the best technologies without the worry of damaging your equipment with new or refurbished rugged laptops. Check out our collections today!

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