Trimble And Rugged Electronics

Trimble is an industry leader when it comes to location-based solutions. The company began in 1978 in Sunnyvale, CA, and they took global positioning to a different level. For more than 35 years, Trimble has developed and sold the most innovative and technologically advanced handheld computers and rugged PDA devices. Trimble’s devices are shaping the way in which certain industries look at “off-grid.” Integrating Global Positioning Systems (GPS), laser, optical, and other software with wireless communications and advanced processing has allowed them to create new ways to keep rugged customers connected. Trimble is heavily involved within the agriculture, construction, geospatial, governmental, transportation, and natural resources industries. Their innovative products are also utilized by the military and police departments.

All electronic devices manufactured by Trimble are specifically designed to offer functionality and durability. A handheld computer that is both functional and durable comes in handy when out in the field for work. Trimble holds more than 1,000 patents within the GPS and rugged electronic industry. A rugged PDA, such as the Trimble Nomad, also makes it easy to stay on course, even if the directions, WiFi, and other forms of communication are not working. Trimble specializes in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS),GPS, lasers, optics, and inertial technologies. All of these technologies allow individuals with rough jobs the technology that they need to get any task completed on time, and without getting lost.

OC Rugged carries Trimble Nomad and Trimble Recon X models. Both of these handheld PDA computers are fully rugged, include a sunlight-readable display, and operate on an XScale Processor. To learn more about individual products that Trimble has become famous for, read more at our information center.