Panasonic And Rugged Electronics

As one of the most recognizable names in the electronics world, Panasonic widened its foothold by becoming some of the best ruggedized electronics on the market. Panasonic took all of the underserved industries and built specialized electronics that work for everyday outdoor use. Through research and development, we are now able to purchase rugged laptops, rugged tablets, and rugged convertible laptops from a company that is focused on excellence and customer service.

In order to create the most rugged electronics, Panasonic Toughbooks® and tablets were rigorously tested and made to withstand anything that the user or Mother Nature can throw at them. Now when you bump, drop, or spill something on your Panasonic Toughbook®, you will not have to replace it. The fully rugged electronics meet and exceed Military Specifications and IP standards. This means that all electronics will withstand temperature fluctuations, rain, humidity, drops, dust, ground vibration, snow, shock, direct sunlight, and more. We’d like to see a conventional laptop do all of that without failing!

Panasonic has seen to it that all rugged electronics are researched, developed, and manufactured in-house to ensure quality and functionality. Only the highest-quality materials and technologically advanced electronics are used to complete each laptop, tablet, and convertible laptop. Every rugged electronic runs off of the latest Intel® processors, and Panasonic is continuously updating graphics, screens, and functionality of all their electronics.

Another way in which Panasonic stands out from the crowd is the fact that all of their rugged electronics have some of the lowest failure rates among major laptop brands. Panasonic does not believe that a user should ever have any downtime during which they cannot use their rugged electronics, so they strive to surpass the acceptable industry failure rates. As of 2011, failure rates have fallen to 2.4%, and the industry average stands around 15%.

To learn more about Panasonic Toughbooks® and Toughpads®, check out the information center for specifications and comparisons.