Fully-Rugged vs. Semi-Rugged Electronics

Semi-rugged and fully-rugged laptops and electronics are the perfect companion for men and women that are on-the-go and need to stay connected. Now that technology has made its way into every facet of work and life, some individuals need something a little more rugged than a conventional laptop or tablet. Staying connected with the office, other teams, and being able to generate reports while out in the field is the norm for many professionals. When sun, rain, harsh environments, and temperature fluctuations have made your current electronic device short out or break, it is time to upgrade with a ruggedized laptop, tablet, or PDA. Understanding the difference between semi- and fully-rugged can be difficult without delving into specifications of each, so OC Rugged is here to help you decide which option is best.

Fully-Rugged Electronics
Fully-rugged laptops, PDAs, and tablets were built for the most hardy individuals. Electronics that fall under the “fully-rugged” umbrella meet or exceed all 28 tests for MIL-STD. These electronics are fully sealed so that rain, spills, humidity, dirt, dust, and other particles cannot reach the internal components. Every fully-rugged device also houses the hard drive in a flex casing that is resistant to shocks, drops, and vibrations. Screens on these devices are easily readable in the sunlight, and will not freeze in cold weather. Individuals can utilize these devices during extremely cold and extremely hot weather without worrying about malfunctions or a complete failure. These devices are typically utilized by military personnel, firefighters, police officers, and any other individual that spend the majority of their workday out in the elements.

Semi-Rugged Electronics
A semi-rugged tablet, laptop, or PDA is still incredibly tough, they just are not as long-lasting as its fully-rugged counterpart. Semi-rugged electronics are between a fully-rugged and a conventional laptop in their ruggedization process. These devices meet some MIL-STD and IP standards. They are comprised of spill-resistant keyboards, sunlight-readable screens, and the cases have been reinforced to resist bumps and shocks, low-height drops, and low level vibrations. Slight temperature fluctuations will not be a problem for semi-rugged electronics, but they should not be used in times of extreme temperature fluctuations. These are a great option for individuals that spend a lot of time outdoors, but do not want to spend the money on a fully-rugged laptop.

Semi- and fully-rugged electronics are a viable option for anyone that needs a little extra toughness. They are also a great option for college kids who tend to be a little more rough with their electronics. If you need a little help deciding which device is right for your lifestyle and budget, give OC Rugged a call. Our professionals can help you find the right device without breaking the bank.