Tablet vs Convertible Comparison

Buying a new rugged electronic can be a difficult decision. Individuals who are on the move for work often try to cut down on bulky electronics. This means that they often opt for rugged tablets or convertible laptops. The best convertible laptops give the user a 2-in-1 function, while a fully- or semi-rugged tablet allows for unparalleled portability. When a user is looking for just one device to take with them on the road or out into the field, OC Rugged is here to help.

Size vs Weight Ratio

Rugged tablets do not often have the large screen that many people would like. Tablets are often smaller, lighter, and more portable than a convertible laptop, sacrificing screen size for portability. Rugged tablets are sunlight readable and offer a solid state hard drive. Tablets are less functional when it comes to typing, but offer the ease of portability. Convertible laptops have larger screens than a tablet, but convertible laptops do not always offer lighter weight. The rugged construction adds weight, extra accessories, add even more. Convertibles function a lot like a laptop, but can convert into a large tablet for ease of use.

Rugged Capabilities

All rugged electronics are built to certain specifications. Without meeting MIL-STD and IP standards, a tablet or a convertible laptop cannot be considered “rugged.” Choosing between fully- and semi-rugged depends on the specific use of the electronic. Fully-rugged laptops are completely waterproof, shock resistant, and have a flexibly mounted hard drive. These electronics will keep out dust, moisture, humidity, and will operate under large temperature changes. Semi-rugged devices are resistant to water and humidity, and can operate at cold and warm temperatures, but they do not offer the same level of durability as their fully-rugged counterparts.