Understanding Ruggedized PDAs

Some aspects of outdoor work just cannot revolve around conventional electronic devices. From the direct sunlight to the dirt that is kicked up, a conventional electronic is likely to break down or short circuit after a while. It may be that utilizing a laptop, convertible laptop, or tablet out in the field is just not convenient. A rugged handheld PC might be the way to go in these cases. If you have ever dropped a conventional cell phone, or tried to email in direct sunlight, you know what a pain it can be. Rugged handhelds PDAs do not receive as much attention as laptops, convertibles, or tablets, but they keep men and women connected in any environment.

Rugged handhelds and PDA devices are small computers that allow for many operations, and improved functionality. There is no problem viewing these screens under direct sunlight, so emails, text messages, data entry, and email attachments can all be viewed without finding a shaded area. With most of the same capabilities as a smartphone, it seems ludicrous to not have access to a ruggedized PDA during fieldwork.

These electronic devices are much more rugged than almost any other handheld electronic device. A rugged PDA must meet or exceed military testing specifications (MIL-STD) and IP specifications in order to be branded as “rugged.” A rugged PDA can resist drops from up to 6 feet depending on whether they are fully- or semi-rugged in design. They also withstand bumps, vibration, humidity, dust, temperature fluctuations, and spills. Some PDAs have even been known to withstand being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes, though we recommend avoiding this treatment of your device.

A handheld PC sized to look like a smartphone and run sophisticated operating systems. Both the Trimble Nomad and the Trimble Recon run Microsoft® mobile, and utilize outstanding processing speeds. A rugged handheld PDA might be the perfect and most durable addition to your professional arsenal. Shop today at OC Rugged.