Getac And Rugged Electronics

Getac has one goal: manufactures the best rugged electronics, and it excels at this task. This is a company that does not diversify their product line, so they can bring you better electronics. The research and develop team pushed advancements to make their line of rugged laptops and rugged tablets the best and most durable on the market. They employ well over 200 engineers, and their sole purpose is to devise real-world solutions to electronic problems. Every rugged laptop and rugged tablet is manufactured with the customer in mind. Getac has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates among rugged electronic manufacturers.

Getac excels at innovation and staying ahead of the technology curve. A new Getac fully-rugged laptop or tablet will currently operate at temperatures as low as -29°, and they are about 25% lighter than previous generations. Each and every device is rigorously tested against all Military Specifications and IP standards. If a new generation cannot meet or exceed MIL-STD and IP standards for ruggedness, they do not make it to the manufacturing process. All fully-rugged electronics will be fully operational in extreme weather situations, through rain or dust storms, in high humidity, or in full sunlight.

The reason that Getac laptops and tablets run circles around the competition is the attention to detail taken with each design. Every electronic device is developed for improved functionality without the bulk or the excess weight of the competitors. Even with screens that are over 30% larger and LumiBond® enabled, all laptops and tablets from Getac are incredibly functional, and can withstand most environmental situations. The LumiBond® technology offers better graphics, sunlight readability, and a diamond hard surface. Getac has also boosted the battery power of their rugged laptops by adding a second battery to improve overall usage time. As always, Getac only uses the best operating systems, so all electronics are equipped with Intel® core processors.

Getac manufactures an impressive number of rugged tablets and laptops. To learn more about a specific product from Getac, visit our Information Center.