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Rugged Laptops for First Responders


When you are a police officer, fire fighter, EMT, or another kind of first responder, you know how important having the right equipment is. Whether you need it to perform the most vital and immediate functions of your job, or you rely on it to keep track of the aftermath of an emergency, having reliable gear is vital.

In today’s ever-connected world, it is more important than ever to have access to computer systems no matter where a first responder may be. Being able to stay connected with others has helped to improve response times and better coordinate relief efforts. In order to handle the difficult conditions that first offenders find themselves in, it is necessary to have computers that can stand up to moisture, dirt, and dust.

At OC Rugged, we proudly carry a wide range of toughbooks and rugged laptops that will make staying connected in the field as easy as it would be in an office. Find the rugged laptops you need at OC Rugged today.

Laptops As Reliable As You Are

First responders are notoriously tough. If you aren’t tough enough, the work can quickly grind you down and wash you away. The laptops we carry are tough enough to be able to keep up with you. From design to build, our toughbooks have what it takes to work when and where you need them to work.

We sell the best brands, including Durabook and Panasonic Toughbooks, because we know that there is no substitute for dependability. As a Microsoft registered refurbisher, we take the time to ensure that all of our used rugged laptops are operating at or higher than acceptable standards. When you buy from OC Rugged, you can continue to do your job without having to worry about whether or not your computer equipment will be able to handle the work.

Designed to Work in Tough Conditions

Browse our site to find a toughbook that is built to handle the conditions in which you work. We have laptops that are water- and dust-resistant, as well as models that can handle bumpy roads and other rough treatment.

We also carry some of the best mounts available. If you need to have your laptop mounted and ready to go in your vehicle, we have options that are perfect.

Covered By Great Warranties

While anyone can say that their products work, only the best companies stand behind their products with a real warranty. When you are browsing for a new rugged notebook, check out the great warranties that we offer. For most of our laptops, there is a one-year warranty with the option to add additional protection.

Check out our online store today or contact us with any questions about rugged laptops for first responders. We work with agencies of all sizes and we can offer the best prices anywhere. If you have a quote from a competitor, we will happily match it. No matter what kind of first responder you may be, we have the technology that will make your work go more smoothly.

Three Reasons to Order Rugged Laptops

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Three Tough Laptop Features You Need

With so many tough laptop brands out there, finding the computers that are perfect for your work might seem like an impossible task, especially if your work doesn’t take place in a comfortable, climate-controlled office. Whether you are a first responder, member of the military, or you make your living working in conditions that are [...]

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Rugged Laptops vs. Rugged Tablets

Rugged electronic devices are built to withstand the most extreme conditions. As such, they usually possess bulkier features than traditional laptops. While this may not be an issue for law enforcement officers who often keep their rugged laptops mounted in their car, it may be problematic for military personnel who are frequently on the move. [...]

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Three Must-Have Rugged Laptop Accessories

Rugged laptops have a wide variety of uses which suit many different industries such as military, law enforcement, construction, first responders, and many more. While a standard rugged laptop or tablet may be sufficient for most individuals, there may come a time where rugged laptop accessories could be very beneficial for streamlining your workflow. Luckily, [...]

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Combat Extreme Weather with Rugged Laptops

If your career requires you to immerse yourself in extreme outdoor conditions throughout the year, you will need the proper equipment to endure the most drastic weather. When first responders, construction workers, military, and law enforcement are in need of technology that is built to withstand inclement forecasts, they turn to rugged laptops and tablets. [...]

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OC Rugged's Toughbook Breakdown - Panasonic CF-19 vs CF-31

At OC Rugged Laptops, we supply durable laptops and tablets that are built to last through the harshest conditions. Throughout this infographic, we’ll be breaking down some of the key features between the Panasonic CF-19 and CF-31, two unique Toughbooks which are widely used in industries such as healthcare, military, federal government, and construction.If you’re [...]

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The Many Uses of Rugged Laptops

For many individuals who work in a career that requires them to be out in the field, normal electronic equipment just won’t cut it. Often times, these individuals need electronic devices that are durable, resilient, and built to last. For this reason, many people working outdoors use rugged laptops, tablets, and PDAs. Rugged electronics are [...]

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Components of Rugged Laptops Explained

Just like all computers, rugged laptops have internal components that all serve different purposes. From RAM and CPU, to gigabytes and megabytes, technical computer terminology can quickly become overwhelming to beginners. While it may seem confusing to individuals who aren’t as privy to technology as others, each component’s purpose is easier to understand when broken [...]

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You Need Re-Certified Toughbooks

A re-certified Toughbook is a fantastic purchase for many different people. Outdoorsy individuals and college kids can all benefit from using re-certified Toughbooks in their everyday lives. No one will complain about their computing power or their ability to hold up to the elements. These laptops can hold up to abuse like no other computer. [...]

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