Best Time to Order Rugged Laptops

Best Time to Order Rugged Laptops

18th Jul 2019

Best Time to Order Rugged Laptops

For many, a standard laptop that you can find at any tech store that will be used in a home office or for light-duty tasks is more than sufficient. However, for anyone who plans on using their laptop in a less than traditional setting may need a durable laptop that can withstand the elements and many other things that may come up. But how do you know when you need a rugged laptop, or when a traditional laptop isn't enough?

At OC Rugged, we offer a range of tough laptops, refurbished toughbooks, mounts, accessories, and more. When your work or your life takes you places where your equipment needs to be tougher, get the best from OC Rugged. We strive to provide the equipment that working professionals need to get the job done and to do it safely. Don’t settle for simply putting a case on a thin, lightweight laptop, always have the confidence that your laptop will withstand whatever happens throughout your day. Shop our catalog and get in touch with our team today with any questions.

When to Purchase a Rugged Laptop

Work in Construction

You Work in Construction

Whether you’re on the highway, building a commercial office, or a residential home, construction workers are tough, work in environments that are dirty, hot, and with heavy machinery around every corner. When you’re working with heavy materials and machines, you need a rugged laptop that you don’t have to worry about getting scratched, dented, or the screen cracking. A perfect choice is this refurbished Toughbook 30, a premium quality laptop that won’t dent, crack, get scratched, and won’t become damaged when it’s dirty.

You’re in the Military

Members of the military experience a range of environments and situations that can be extremely dangerous — high temperatures, humidity, rough terrain, dirt, sand, and more. Each of these elements can be incredibly harmful to a laptop that isn’t built for these conditions. That’s why you need a rugged laptop from OC Rugged. If you happen to drop the laptop in the dirt, it gets kicked in the hustle of a stressful situation, or you’re driving on a rough and bumpy road, rely on a laptop that is durable and strong.

You’re a First Responder

Reliable equipment is a must-have for first responders who need to act quickly in an urgent situation. If you’re in a hurry and need to be able to toss your laptop without worrying about where it lands, then you need a rugged laptop. Not having to worry about dropping the laptop is essential, and if you do, you can rely on it to not break, crack, dent, and for all your data to be retrievable when you go to use it next.

You’re Traveling

Hopping on and off of planes, trains, and automobiles, trying to eat and drink in a coffee shop and browse the web, carrying around luggage wherever you go — there’s no shortage of situations when traveling with a laptop can be dangerous for a computer. With a durable, rugged laptop, travelers can focus on where to go next instead of worrying about spilling drinks on the laptop or dropping it in the airport. A benefit of the durable laptops at OC Rugged is that they are fairly lightweight, including this Refurbished Toughbook 19 w/ Touchscreen that weighs under five pounds.

You’re Backpacking in the Mountains

Who doesn’t love exploring a beautiful mountain range? Your laptop might not. When laptops with hard disk drives (HDD) are used at elevations above 10,000 feet, they are at a higher risk of hard drive failure. High altitudes can cause problems because the read/write head of HDD systems is surrounded by a thin cushion or air. A consistent air pressure needs to be maintained in order to protect the drive, and the air is thinner at high altitudes, which may not be enough to support the head. This can lead to the head being scratched and damaging the disk surface. If you’re looking for a rugged laptop that can be used at high elevations, this Toughbook 30 Max is built with a 120GB Solid State Drive.

You’re Boating

We hope that everyone knows that water is bad for electronics. A drop here and there might be OK, but if you’re white water rafting, you’ll need a durable, liquid-resistant laptop. A majority of the laptops we offer at OC Rugged are water resistant, so the computer can be splashed with water and still work like new.

OC Rugged provides a range of durable, rugged laptops that are perfect for anyone working in construction, engineers working in the field, and dozens of other industries. Above all, we want our customers to be able to focus on their job, not how their job might affect the functionality of their laptop. Our Toughbooks and Getac laptops, and Ram Mounts are designed to withstand a variety of harsh conditions, making them a great choice for your rugged work and lifestyle. Shop our collection today and get in touch with the team if you have any questions.