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The Right Rugged Laptops For Law Enforcement


When you are responsible for finding new rugged laptops for a law enforcement agency, it can be difficult to know where to start looking. Below are a few ways that the tough laptops at OC Rugged are superior to other options available on the internet or anywhere else. When you need laptops from the brands that you trust, including Panasonic Toughbooks, Durabooks, and more, you need OC Rugged.

For years, OC Rugged has been proud to provide some of the best tough laptops to law enforcement agencies across the country. We begin our refurbishment process with a thorough inspection, fix any components, and update the operating systems to the newest version in order to maintain compatibility with software and to keep these laptops as secure as possible.

No one else can offer you the prices, discounts, and high-quality tough laptops that we can, so browse our online store now. If you have a quote from someone else, we will match it.

Compatible With the Newest Software

OC Rugged knows that most agencies run a number of different pieces of software that help their officers to do their jobs. In order to make sure that these programs run as well as they possibly can, we set up each rugged laptop to run the newest versions of your operating system in order to ensure compatibility with your agency’s software. Not only does this make it easier to get these laptops into the hands of officers, it means that these computers will run better for longer.

The Best Security Options

Your agency demands the best security features, and the computers that we sell have them. The newest OS and reliable components mean that you can add software and hardware to these machines in order to keep them secure. If you have questions about certain models, or you need to ensure compatibility between any of your hardware and these rugged laptops, contact our team. They will be happy to examine your requirements and provide you with a number of choices that are right for your team.

Tough Construction

We carry rugged laptops from some of the most-trusted names in the business, which means that you can count on them to perform, even in the poorest conditions. The manufacturers of these computers do everything possible to create notebooks that are resistant to water, dust, sand, shock, and other issues. Check the individual listings to learn more about specific resistance ratings, or contact our customer service team for more information about these ratings or for options that meet your agency’s specific needs.

OC Rugged has the best selection of rugged notebooks for law enforcement agencies. Contact us today for great volume discounts on large orders, as well as price matching and free shipping. From reliable standards to the latest models, OC Rugged is stocked and ready to help the members of law enforcement with the best, most reliable technology.

If you see laptops that would be perfect for your agency but the prices seem too high, reach out. Our agreements with manufacturers mean that we have to have a certain minimum price listed online, but that does not mean that we cannot offer you a more affordable option.

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