Improving Outdoor Readability

Improving Outdoor Readability

27th Feb 2020

Traditional laptops aren’t designed for outdoor use. The sunlight counteracts the device’s backlighting and creates an annoying reflective glare that washes out your pixels and leaves you scramb … read more

Work on the Road | Military-Grade Laptop

22nd Jun 2015

Men and women across the country make their living traveling for work. These individuals live out of suitcases, spend long periods of time in cars and airports, and must still keep up with their work. … read more

Common Mistakes When Purchasing a Toughbook

19th Apr 2015

Birdwatching is an incredibly popular pastime for many people around the world. These individuals will spend hours outdoors with the hopes of snapping a few pictures or learning more about some of … read more

What Kind of Laptop Person Are You?

8th Feb 2015

There are specific professionals out there that a conventional laptop will just not cut it. Some professions do not allow for flimsy technology to enter their work areas. Think about the amount of use … read more