What Kind of Laptop Person Are You?

8th Feb 2015

There are specific professionals out there that a conventional laptop will just not cut it. Some professions do not allow for flimsy technology to enter their work areas. Think about the amount of use your laptop receives on a daily basis. Would your laptop be able to hold up in extreme conditions? The most likely answer is, no. A semi rugged laptop might be something to look into.

A semi rugged laptop is a laptop that is built to withstand shock, have a certain amount of spill resistance, and built to IP and MIL specifications. These laptops function as well as a conventional desktop computer, and are just as portable as a conventional laptop. The only difference is that semi rugged laptops were made to withstand a little bit of abuse.

Let’s talk about the professions that would benefit from a semi rugged laptop:

  1. Police Officers: These professionals do not hold up to conventional job hours or desk work. Officers will need reliable laptop computers in their vehicles that can withstand long hours of use and the occasional fender bender.
  2. Firefighters: These professionals spend some of their time in extreme conditions. A laptop that holds up to heat, resists water, and resists shock is necessary to keep them on track.
  3. Paramedics: These professionals rely heavily on their on-board computers for directions, medical records, and communication with local hospitals. A laptop must be functional, resist shock, and resist the occasional spill.
  4. Forest Rangers: These professionals spend the majority of their time in the field. They need a laptop that will connect them to the outside world while withstanding potential rain, shock, and dirt.

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