Laptops & Humidity Don't Mix | Learn More

1st Jun 2015

Laptop owners are always concerned about particles and fluid when it comes to their electronics. Spilling any liquid, or dropping crumbs can ruin the way in which a laptop operates. Due to the fact that the keyboard covers the internal components, it is easy to ruin a laptop in a matter of seconds. While most of the concern is about liquids and crumbs, no one really suspects humidity. One way to combat humidity it to purchase a fully rugged laptop from Fully rugged laptops are the only ones that are impervious to humidity due to their superb design.

One way in which humidity can affect a laptop is through corrosion. Humidity is one of the culprits of internal corrosion of the integral parts of a laptop. Many states and countries are prone to humid weather year around, and electronics tend to have a shorter lifespan in these locations. Humidity also causes short circuiting of electronics as well. This happens through a process known as “ion migration”. The water molecules in the air (humidity) cling to the metal components within a standard laptop. When enough of these water molecules build up on a particular piece of metal, the entire component will short circuit. It is kind of like dropping a laptop into water, without actually doing so.

Even elevated humidity for short periods of time can hinder the overall performance of a laptop. The only way to counteract humidity (without staying in a humidity controlled environment) is with a fully rugged laptop from Men and women that work outside do not have the luxury of a temperature and humidity controlled offices, so they need rugged electronics. To learn more about fully rugged laptops, visit!