​Is a Refurbished Toughbook Right For Me?

26th Mar 2019

While it’s obvious why rugged laptops are ideal for members of the military and first responders, you might be surprised to learn that these tough laptops are a great choice for everyone from students to scientists to businesspeople! Check out the rest of this blog entry to learn about three of the best features of rugged laptops that make them the right choice for almost anyone.

When you want a laptop that can stand up to even the harshest conditions, you can always trust OC Rugged to have an unbeatable selection of Toughbooks, Durabooks, and other rugged laptops at the best possible prices. As a Microsoft registered refurbisher, we take the time to make every one of these laptops look and run as well as it possibly can. When you’re browsing our online store, be sure to check out the warranty options available for these computers. Our warranties are so good, that you won’t have to think about buying another laptop for years and years!

Do You Work Outdoors?

Whether you spend each day outside for work, or you like to get out of town in order to finish assignments, a rugged laptop will keep out dirt, dust, and moisture much more effectively than normal laptops. When you need a reliable computer, no matter the conditions, you need a rugged laptop to get the job done. Many of our laptops are rated using the same standards that the military uses to guarantee that their laptops can handle the toughest conditions all over the globe.

Do You Travel a Lot?

Even with the best padded laptop bags and taking every precaution to ensure that your laptop isn’t tossed around at the airport, accidents happen. A rugged laptop is strong enough to handle lots of travel and the occasional mishap. When you order a laptop from us, you won’t have to worry about rough handling or the occasional spilled drink.

There is nothing worse than needing your laptop and having a minor accident put it out of commission, especially if you are travelling overseas or when you are far from civilization. Don’t risk it — get a rugged laptop from OC Rugged today!

Do You Need a Better Return on Your Investment?

Laptops are not cheap. If you want to ensure that the next laptop you buy will last for years, you need a rugged laptop. Their tough construction means that you won’t have to buy another one after just a year or so, meaning that you will get more for your money. When you are a student, or you work for a company that has to make every cent stretch as far as possible, a tough laptop can help you make your budget last. Our warranties make leasing or buying a laptop from us an even better value!

For the best selection of rugged laptops on the internet, shop with OC Rugged today! We always have tons of great options that will fit your budget and meet all of your needs.

Refurbished laptop infographic