Toughbook Vehicle Mount for the Nissan NV200 S and NV200 SV Compact Cargo | RAM-VB-192-SW1

Part#: RAM-VB-192-SW1   UPC: 793442942853 Patented




A Toughbook vehicle mount for the Nissan NV200 and the SV Compact Cargo has to be built to fit within a smaller cab space. This laptop mount was designed for small spaces while still allowing for full functionality. In order to properly secure the mount it is important that you purchase the right size mount along with the proper mount hardware. Once installed your laptop or tablet will be easily secured without much trouble!


Compatible Vehicles:

Nissan NV200 S Compact Cargo (2013-2014)
Nissan NV200 SV Compact Cargo (2013-2014)


RAM-Mount Part Number: