Fully rugged laptops are designed from the inside out to function absolutely anywhere, even in the most extreme weather conditions. They must stand up at a series of 28 military standard tests (MIL-STD-810F) to ensure they are the toughest of the tough, and can survive conditions ranging from radiation exposure and vibration to moisture and extreme temperature changes. Fully-rugged laptops can withstand any temperature, from below freezing to up to 120 degrees. Their screens are designed to be scratch resistant and anti-reflective, so you can read them anywhere, and their keyboards are completely sealed to keep out any dust, sand, liquid, or dirt. In short, you can use fully-rugged laptops absolutely anywhere! These laptops are necessary for work in environments that are extreme, such as the military, manufacturing, public safety, or any profession that takes you outside or on the road. You can take your fully-rugged laptop places you would never consider taking a traditional laptop, and because it functions the same (and even better in some cases) than a traditional laptop, you do not have to switch between your fully-rugged laptop and your main laptop. This increases your productivity and makes your life a lot easier in general. For your extreme work environment, a fully-rugged laptop is the best choice.

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