Temperature Fluctuations & Rugged Laptops

12th Jun 2015

Laptop Temperature Extremes & Ruggedness

a laptop in front of a winter background with two candles

Laptop temperature extremes—that is, situations where your laptop is exposed to very high temperatures, very low temperatures, or both—can hurt performance and prematurely age a machine.

For a laptop, cold weather can drain batteries, cause components to malfunction, and seriously slow down performance. Hot weather can overheat components and totally destroy them. And that’s not to mention some of the other environmental hazards out there!

marine scientists at work on board a ship

Marine Biologists: A Tough Job Needs a Toughbook

Here on the OC Rugged Blog, we have previously discussed many cases of individuals who benefit from owning a fully rugged laptop during their normal workday. One of the careers we haven’t mentioned yet is Marine Biology! Talk about a rough and tumble job! These scientists spend long periods of time in and around saltwater. They also spend a lot of time in different climates and all of these factors can decrease the functionality of a conventional laptop! The laptop temperature extremes that occur on location and in transit can be surprisingly severe. That’s why fully rugged laptops are the perfect electronic device for these scientists!

Most marine biologists spend the majority of their careers in the field. They complete research, study marine life, and keep meticulous notes and logs on everything that they do and see. We have read in previous blogs that saltwater can be damaging to electronic devices. Due to the technical and highly scientific career of a marine biologist, it is imperative that their laptops function at full capacity for long periods of time.

For a marine biologist’s laptop, cold weather, hot weather, salt, humidity, and water are part of the daily grind.

For a conventional laptop, temperature extremes, seawater spray, prolonged sunlight exposure, and salt buildup can be a death sentence. In contrast, fully rugged laptops were built specifically for this type of difficult outdoor work environment! Fully rugged laptops have completely sealed the most sensitive components so that rain, sea spray, salt, humidity, and even temperature fluctuation cannot phase the internal working components. This means even a marine biologist can have a laptop that holds up to their workload and the work environment!

Find the Fully Configurable Toughbook That’s Right for Your Organization

At OC Rugged Laptops we carry the best selection of fully rugged laptops on the market! From laptop temperature extremes to salt buildup and unexpected drops, our refurbished Panasonic Toughbooks will be reliable partners in the most challenging environments. With a Toughbook laptop, cold weather, salt, water...your device, and all the work on it, are going to be fine!