Salt Damage and Laptops | Learn More

5th Jun 2015

Electronic devices, such as laptops, can be affected by a large variety of things that are attributed to the environment. Believe it or not, salt from ocean spray is also very detrimental to electronic devices. This may not be a well known fact outside of the fishing or drilling community, but it is good to know! Average laptops will not hold up very well out on the open ocean for long periods of time. Individuals that spend a lot of time on a boat should think about switching to a fully rugged laptop.

Average laptops are susceptible to salt spray and salt fog because the internal components are not fully encapsulated. The salt can enter through small openings and cling to the internal components. When salt has built up a layer, a laptop will begin to malfunction. The more salt that builds up, the more likely it is that this conventional laptop will fail completely. You see, salt causes corrosion of metals and the integral parts of a laptop. Without these fully functioning components, a laptop is worthless.

Fully rugged laptops may not be for everyone but they are definitely helpful for those that spend a long time on the water. The fully encapsulated and impenetrable case of a fully rugged laptop will keep salt, water, humidity, and other environmental factors away from the necessary components of a laptop. Fully rugged laptops allow for better functioning laptops when extreme conditions enter the equation. Only electronics that are built to military specifications should be taken out on the open ocean. To learn more about fully rugged laptops it is time that you visit Our fully rugged laptops are the perfect addition to any rugged lifestyle!