Semi Rugged Laptops for Extreme Conditions

Posted by Madwire Media on 26th May 2014

Are you in charge of finding your city the best and most reliable laptops for your emergency responders to use? If you are, you have come to the right place! At OC Rugged we have many different Panasonic laptops for you to shop through. Moreover, we have the Toughbooks that can get your guys and gals through any situation, no matter how rough.

OC Rugged is the primary leader when it comes to selling Semi and Fully Rugged laptops. Not only are they extremely reliable when it comes to being damage proof, but they have the speed of a laptop you can count on when you need quick results. Our tough laptops are proven to give your police officers, firefighters and emergency medical service providers the roughness and toughness they need. These computers are put through ultimate testing to make sure that they will succeed for you when you need them most. We perform over 500 rigorous tests to make sure the Fully Rugged laptop that you receive from OC Rugged will not fail. Tests that Panasonic puts on each of these magnificent laptops include a shake test, a dust test, a vibration test, a drop test and many more. If you would like to read specifics about a Fully Rugged Panasonic Toughbook that we have available, check out the Getac B300 Fully Rugged Laptop. This bad boy was purposely developed to be used in sunlight. It also comes stock with a touch screen and DVD player. Not only that, but this Bluetooth enabled laptop has a backlit keyboard and comes with the a Windows 7 Professional operating system. Check it out by clicking here