Refurbished Toughbooks | Save More

Posted by Madwire Media on 11th Jun 2014

If you have had nothing but bad experiences in your career when it comes to laptops and you are about ready to give up, think twice. OC Rugged is the company that you have been looking for. We carry all of the elite rugged Toughbooks out there on the market today. We believe that we have the best tough laptops available on the internet. Why? We have earned the right for “Rugged” to be in the title of our company. You see, we have put blood, sweat and tears into making sure that the products we carry are top of the line and the very best. With over 500+ tests done at the Panasonic Toughbook factory, you can trust that when you buy a Fully Rugged Laptop, a Semi Rugged Laptop or a Refurbished Panasonic Toughbook that you can trust that it will not fail on you.

The tests that are performed on these versatile tough laptops include shake tests, vibration tests, drop tests, water pressure tests, wind tests, rain tests, sun tests and anything in between. If 500+ tests were completed on the Panasonic Laptop that you just bought, we think that you will be able to trust it’s durability with your life.

What is it that you do for a living? If you aren’t sure if you are cut out for a Toughbook, know that there are more Panasonic Laptops out there than you might be interested in.Here is a list of only a few industries and/or careers that use different models of our Panasonic Toughbooks: Fire Rescue, EMS, Police, Researchers, Oil Field, Park Rangers and more. The list is endless, visit us online today and learn more about the tough laptops we carry.