Laptops That Assist in the Field | Durable

14th May 2015

Harsh work environments can come in every imaginable shape and size. Sometimes harsh work environments do not even mean that they are tough on humans. Often times a harsh work environment is tougher on electronics than people. Very few conventional electronic devices can stand up to harsh environments for more than a few weeks. For individuals that work within a harsh environment and need to stay connected, a fully rugged laptop is perfect for you.

The need for fully rugged laptops is gaining momentum. More people are becoming fed up with the fact that they have to replace their conventional electronics after only a few months at work. Fully rugged laptops will allow for long term use even in harsh environments such as an electromagnetic discharge area. When conventional electronics are exposed to heavy equipment that produce radio or power transmissions, they begin to rapidly deteriorate. After a short span, electronic devices that are not fully ruggedized will break down and stop working. Fully rugged laptops on the other hand were designed to work effectively under any conditions and will even continue to to work after long periods of exposure to electromagnetic discharge.

Remember, electronics are more sensitive to electromagnetic discharge than humans. Long period of exposure will lead to the breakdown of a conventional laptop. carries a large selection of fully rugged computers that will hold up in harsh environments. We also carry refurbished Toughbooks that are just as tough with a decreased price tag. Instead of breaking another laptop due to your work environment, upgrade to a fully rugged laptop!