Fully Rugged Laptops Can Handle Anything

Posted by Madwire Media on 21st May 2014

Are you trying to find a computer you know can withstand pretty rough conditions? If you are, you have come to the right place. With OC Rugged on your side, you will be able to find a fully rugged laptop that can help you get all of your work completed on time. With our tough laptops you won’t have to worry about your computers crashing or breaking on you. In fact, we know that there are no other laptops out there like ours in this competitive market.

What makes our laptops tough? We put all of our Toughbooks through extremely rigorous tests, 500 to be exact. If you have been searching high and low for a fully rugged laptop, the Getac A790 Rugged Notebook was made for you. This bad boy is the most ruggedized portable notebook available. Not only is it heavy-duty, but it is a qualified computing platform. That basically means that this computer can withstand anything including vibrations, temperature extremes, impacts, electromagnetic interference and it is completely sealed to prevent water, rain and dust from infiltrating. We take in account that this computer was designed for any job on or off the planet. Because of this, we’ve made sure this computer can withstand a 15 G acceleration and drops of 3 feet. If you want to read more about this amazing computer and in depth descriptions of the drive, click here. We invite you to check out the rest of our online store and Panasonic Toughbooks to satisfy all of your tough laptop needs.