Semi-rugged laptops are more similar to traditional laptop computers than fully rugged laptops are, but are ruggedized to be able to withstand far harsher conditions than standard notebook computers. Semi-rugged laptops are optimal for workers who must frequently travel and occasionally work outdoors, but not for the more extreme conditions that require fully rugged laptops. Semi-rugged laptops are outfitted with magnesium cases to protect them from potentially damaging situations, such as drops or spills. They also include waterproof, fully sealed keyboards, and shock-resistant hard drives. You may want to choose a semi-rugged laptop if you are on the road often for your job, because it will be protected from the drops, bumps, and other damages that are typical during travel. They are generally less expensive than fully rugged laptops as well, so they are a good alternative if you do not have to face extreme conditions during your work and are looking to save money. They can also withstand extremely high and extremely low temperatures, though they do not function as well in those conditions as fully rugged laptops do. Semi-rugged laptops are reliable, and have more mobility than traditional laptop computers. If you need an efficient and durable alternative to a standard notebook computer, a semi-rugged laptop is the way to go. At, we offer several different models to choose from, based on your needs and preferences.

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