Toughbooks | Both Lightweight & Rugged

6th Jul 2015

One thing that most people do not think about when they buy a piece of rugged electronics is the added weight. In order to protect against falls, temperature fluctuations, dust, humidity, water, and vibrations, the electronics themselves must be ruggedized. This means that all the internal components are sectioned off to protect them against outside sources. This ruggedization process adds much more weight than people realize. An averaged sized piece of electronics is suddenly 2x as heavy! When you are looking for a piece of rugged electronics but do not want to lug around a brick, contact We carry the lightweight and durable Panasonic CF-19.

Often times functionality can fall to the wayside when faced with ruggedizing a piece of electronics. Thankfully the folks over at Panasonic did not let this deter them! The CF-19 is a fully rugged laptop with high-functioning capabilities! This piece of rugged electronics is much more lightweight than other fully rugged computers and it comes with a sunlight readable screen. Now think of how many other laptops you can use in direct sunlight without losing a significant amount of visibility? Despite its light weight, it is incredibly durable. The magnesium case protects the laptop from damage even if there is an accident. For men and women that want to stay connected, the CF-19 is perfect! This fully rugged laptop comes equipped with WiFi as well as options for other connectivity. It seems that there is finally a fully functional, lightweight, rugged laptop available to the general public!

To learn more about the Panasonic CF-19 visit We carry a fantastic selection of rugged electronics, including the lightweight CF-19. Shop today and stop worrying about the toll that human error and mother nature take on your electronics!