Configuration Options | Our Durable Laptops Are Fully Customizable

A lot of companies sell Panasonic Toughbooks, but no one makes total customization as easy as OC Rugged.

Every one of our durable laptops is customizable from the bottom up, so you can get a complete build that’s tailored to your personal or professional needs. Below are just some of the features that you can customize.

Operating System - Many newer-model Toughbooks come equipped with Windows 10 Professional. However, we realize that many professionals rely on older software that only works with Windows 7, Windows XP, or another operating system entirely. If you have specific OS requirements, we can often install the software you need or recommend a similar Toughbook that’s more compatible.

Processor - Toughbooks run some of the fastest and most powerful Intel Core processors on the market, but we realize that not everyone needs 2.4 GHz of processing power if they’re just inputting raw text data at a job site. When you have the freedom to choose your processor, you can pay for just the speed you need. Likewise, if a Toughbook has specific features you want but doesn’t offer enough processing power, you can make the upgrade. Take the Toughbook CF-19, for example. If you want the rotatable screen for vehicle use but aren’t satisfied with the 1.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, you can upgrade to a more robust Intel Core i5.

Hard Drive - How much storage do you need? If you’re a professional photographer exploring the world’s most picturesque landscapes, you may need a solid terabyte just to store all of those high-res photos. Construction professionals also love ample hard drive space for their architectural diagrams and drawings. However, if you mostly use the Toughbook for cloud computing with your business, you may be fine with a much more modest 128GB Solid State Drive. The choice is yours.

RAM - Do you need to perform a lot of memory-intensive tasks like architectural drafting or high-end design? Do you have to process numerous simultaneous commands to keep your business operating smoothly? If so, you may benefit from a RAM upgrade.

Keyboard Lighting - If you work outdoors or in low-light conditions, you may appreciate an optional backlit keyboard. So whether you’re assessing insurance claims after dark or updating your GPS from behind the wheel of your rig, you can always see the keys in front of you.

OC Rugged carries the ultimate selection of refurbished Toughbook durable laptops at the best prices. To customize your Toughbook, just visit the product page and scroll down to the “Configure & Purchase” options. Then select the components you need and place your order.

We offer free shipping and unrivaled customer support, and we’ll have your new Toughbook built and shipped in no time. Compare our Toughbooks, and place your order today.