What Makes a Rugged Laptop Tough?

1st Mar 2015

Fully rugged laptops that meet military specifications were developed specifically for rugged individuals who need electronics to function in extreme environments. Each electronic component within fully rugged laptops must meet specifications to ensure that a laptops will withstand temperature fluctuations, wind, rain, dust, and shock. Military standard, fully rugged laptops are also drop resistant. Electronics that are fully rugged will stand up to human error and Mother Nature.

The United States military standard is also referred to as “defense standard.” In order for any component to pass through the U.S. Department of Defense, they must fall within certain parameters. Military specifications ensure that all electronics are standardized which makes for easier operating, technical support, and reliability. The military depends heavily on electronics that will work regardless of the environment or weather pattern. In a technologically advanced day and age, military personnel need to stay in contact with other units and locations. Normal electronics will not hold up for more than a few weeks in extreme conditions. Military personnel will spend more money on electronics if the wrong ones are purchased.

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