What Kind of Laptop Person Are You?

5th Oct 2014

What kind of laptop person are you? Are you someone who wants a dainty computer that can follow you to the library and back, or are you someone who wants to take their technology to the limit while being the manly man or adventurous woman you are. Let’s concentrate on the manly man and adventurous women of the world. If you’re someone who goes out on a whim to make life interesting, our tough laptops, like the Panasonic Toughbook, are for you, and here’s why:

  • Did we mention that they are tough? These badass computers know how to handle the toughest of tough circumstances, like blowing sand, puddles or oceans of water, bumps and bruises, and lastly, high humidity.
  • There are more financial advantages to buying a Panasonic Toughbook from OC Rugged. You shouldn’t have to worry about a computer malfunction from dropping it or worse, breaking it completely! Though you may spend more money up front, there are always opportunities to buy refurbished Toughbooks at a discounted price while continuing to receive all of the durability and quality expectations.
  • No matter where your adventures take you, don’t go without wireless! While we love to keep our fully rugged laptops as the top of the line purchase for toughness, we haven’t forgotten about staying connected! Stay connected with wireless technology in all of the Panasonic laptops you find at OC Rugged.

If you have been pondering about what kind of laptop person you are, hopefully we have assisted you in making your decision to convert to the tough side. Learn more about our merchandise and tough laptops online now!