Toughbook | Military and First Responders

Posted by Madwire Media on 5th Jul 2015

For most people, choosing a laptop is mainly about performance, display size, storage, and functional features. However, for people who want a fully rugged laptop that has to last a long time and withstand a lot of bumps, spills, and knocks, durability is a critical consideration. If you're looking for a tough laptop, you've came to the right place. Today we're going to explain why some laptops are much more durable than others.

What exactly is a "rugged laptop?" A device is said to be rugged when it's ready to face challenged above and beyond those you'd expect a regular consumer laptop to face. But how do you measure ruggedness of a device? The US Military, which cares how much abuse a device can take, has set a standard -- MIL-STD 810G -- as a guide to determine how rugged or durable a device is likely to be. It is based on a set of 28 tests that range from extreme temperatures to gunfire.

Dunk it in water, drop it from a height, or bury it in the ground … fully rugged laptops are built from the ground up to handle severe treatment and harsh conditions. Each component is purpose-built for durability, so they inevitably meet high military-grade specs, and are most often used by the military, fire fighters, police officers, and other users who encounter harsh or hazardous conditions.

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