The Leading Features of Rugged Laptops

12th Apr 2018

Rugged laptop features

It’s no secret that rugged electronic devices can be quite the investment, especially if you plan on buying a new rugged laptop. However, there are many additional features that you can expect to receive from a rugged laptop that simply aren’t available to users that own conventional laptops. Not to mention, traditional laptops lack the durability and resiliency needed to ensure that they won’t let you down when you need them most. If you are considering purchasing a rugged laptop, then you are probably wondering how these features will streamline day-to-day work. Fortunately, in today’s article, we will be talking more about some of the best features that are included with almost every rugged laptop.

At OC Rugged, we have supplied the top rugged electronic devices to military, police, schools, corporations, and many other industries for a number of years. We know that you are searching for the widest selection, which is why we offer both new and refurbished models directly on our online store. By pairing our wide variety of rugged electronic devices with the fact that we frequently provide customers with competitive bids, we continue to offer the most in value, service, and dependability. To learn more about some of the best features that you can expect to receive from a rugged laptop, continue reading more below.

Carrying Handle

Lugging around a heavy laptop can be difficult to do, especially if your laptop is heavier than most. Since rugged laptops tend to weigh a bit more than conventional models, many of these devices come with sturdy carrying handles so that you can easily transport your rugged electronic device without having to worry about potentially dropping it. If, however, you do end up dropping your laptop, due to rainy weather or an unforeseen event, many models are drop and shock resistant, ensuring that your device will stay protected no matter the circumstance.

Backlit Keyboard

Professionals who work out in the field often work sporadic hours, causing some people to work early-morning shifts, and others to work late-night graveyard shifts. As you can imagine, it can be rather difficult to type in the dark, and even more difficult to type without a backlit keyboard. Inaccurate keystrokes can be detrimental to your workflow, causing you to make frequent mistakes that must be promptly addressed. Instead of settling for a keyboard that hampers your workflow, consider investing in a rugged laptop that comes equipped with a backlit keyboard! Never again will you have to worry about typos due to working in the dark, thanks to the degree of flexibility that rugged laptops offer their users.

Touchscreen with Stylus

Many individuals don’t like laptops simply due to the fact that they are used to using a computer mouse instead of a trackpad. It can be difficult to easily navigate throughout your computer without the use of a mouse, which can be substantially slow down your rate of work and cause much frustration on your behalf. For this reason, many rugged laptops feature a convenient touchscreen, and many rugged electronic devices even come with a stylus to make using your device easier than ever.

Concealed Screen Mode

There may be times, whether as a police officer or as an emergency responder, where you don’t want civilians viewing sensitive information on your screen. This is incredibly common in the healthcare field, as patient information is heavily protected by HIPAA laws. Luckily, you can use your rugged laptop without having to worry about wandering eyes viewing information on your screen. In fact, with concealed screen mode, your laptop’s screen can be dimmed with the press of a button, offering the most in both privacy and functionality.

While these are only four features that make rugged laptops truly unique, there are a number of other features worth learning about that you can view by visiting our online store. With free shipping on all orders, and a wide selection of both new and refurbished rugged laptops, we know that you will be able to find a rugged electronic device to exceed your expectations. If you have any additional questions or concerns before making your purchase visit our website today or call us at 866-511-6113! We look forward to speaking with you!