Semi-Rugged Laptops | One Year Warranty

5th Mar 2015

There are so many benefits to owning a Toughbook. Not only will these crazy toughbooks hold up to all of the daily ”oops,” they will hold up to the elements. People anywhere in the world will benefit from the use of Toughbooks. The only downside of owning rugged electronics can be the steep price tag. You truly get what you pay for! No other electronics hold as well as the Toughbooks. offers customers refurbished Toughbooks to alleviate the monetary stress on their pocketbooks!

With the right refurbished Toughbook everyone can own the gold-standard in rugged electronics. These toughbooks are portable, high functioning, and aesthetically pleasing. A refurbished Toughbook will give you all of the benefits of a Toughbook without the steep (and sometimes, off putting) price tag. Now computing in different conditions will pose no difficulty. Whip out your refurbished Toughbook in any location to complete work, papers, or surf the internet. You’ll never have to worry about temperature fluctuations causing your laptop to crash! The refurbished Toughbooks meet MIL and NEMA specifications which enables all of the components to remain untouched by temperature, water, or dust. These ultra-rugged electronics were built to withstand anything that your life can throw at them. No wonder they are the top choice for the military and police forces. carries a huge selection of refurbished Toughbooks to meet the demands and the price point of people across the United States. It is time that your laptop held up to your lifestyle. Browse our entire inventory of rugged electronics and change your perception about what a laptop is capable of doing.