Rugged Laptops Built to Military Standards

13th Jul 2015

We all know that the men and women in uniform have the hardest jobs in the world. This goes for police officers, firefighters, and military personnel. Not only are their jobs difficult, they are not usually in a temperature controlled location. While the rest of us spend our working hours inside an office building, men and women in uniform are battling conditions that others would never fathom. Everything about these men and women is rugged and tough. When a job and lifestyle are rugged, electronic devices need to be able to hold up as well. This is why the men and women in uniform usually reach for rugged laptops and other rugged electronics.

Rugged laptops began as a military based design. All of these electronics were built to “Military Specifications” that would enable their use in the harshest of combat locales. Through the years there have been huge technological advances to rugged laptops and other rugged electronics. The newest Military Specifications include 28 different tests that include; extreme temperature fluctuations, vibration testing, drop testing, and water impermeability. Rugged laptops come in fully rugged or semi rugged designs depending on how much ruggedization is needed for each specific occupation. Rugged laptops really do offer the best functionality and robust design for anyone that lives an atypical professional lifestyle. specializes in selling rugged laptops and other rugged electronics. Whether you need semi rugged or fully rugged laptops, we have a laptop and a price point that will meet most needs. Our staff will even help you determine which level of ruggedness will work best for your active lifestyle. We want everyone to stay connected no matter the location!