Refurbished Laptop | Price Match Guarantee

26th Mar 2015

Purchasing a new laptop can put quite a dent in someone's pocketbook. Laptops, especially rugged laptops, can be quite an expensive purchase. Truly they are necessary purchases for individuals that live a rugged, on-the-move lifestyle. Normal laptop computers will not hold up to the elements or the rough lifestyle. Can you imagine sinking money into a laptop to help you get through the workday and then having it crash on you only a few weeks later? This is an actuality for those who work outdoors. Toughbooks are really the only way to go when looking for a new laptop. Thankfully carries a huge variety or rugged laptops, Toughbooks, and re-certified Toughbooks.

Re-certified Toughbooks are a much better investment for individual that are just hopping on the rugged laptop bandwagon. Actually, they are a fantastic investment for everyone that is looking to replace their old and worn out electronics. Re-certified Toughbooks are just as rugged as any other rugged or semi-rugged laptop. A re-certified Toughbook will also cost much less than typical rugged laptops. This is due to the fact that they are “re-certified” which means that they were sent back to the company to be fixed. Whenever a Toughbook malfunctions and remain under warranty, these laptops will be sent back to the company so that they can be completely scrubbed of information, fixed, and then resold. None of the recertified Toughbooks leave the company without passing inspection, testing, and meeting NEMA and MIL specifications. While they may be less expensive, they are by no means, cheap.

After purchasing a re-certified Toughbook you will reap the benefits. From the lower price tag to the exceptional computing, your lifestyle has met its electronic match. After only a few days of use, you will wonder how you ever worked before you purchased a re-certified Toughbook.