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9th May 2018

Three features of Rugged laptops

While you may be excited to learn about the the dependability and durability of rugged laptops, you may not be fully aware of some of the many features that they offer users. After all, what good is a rugged laptop if it’s ease of use is not readily available to newcomers? That being said, we will be talking about a few of the many different features that rugged laptops come equipped with, so that you can explore further into the world of rugged electronic devices.

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Quick-Release Hard Drives

What makes rugged laptops unique to traditional laptops is the fact that a rugged laptop’s hard drive can be ejected with little to no effort. Traditionally, a hard drive is placed within a computer’s internal components, making upgrading or removing your hard drive a hassle. With a high-quality rugged laptop, however, you can remove your hard drive with the simple press of a button, offering you the most in convenience and portability.

Touchscreen Capabilities

If you have been having a hard time deciding whether you need a rugged laptop or a rugged tablet, then why not have the best of both worlds? With some rugged laptops, you can do just that. In fact, many of these laptops come equipped with a protective film so that you can make quick selections while using the computer’s touchscreen. This is just one of the ways that rugged electronic devices continue to offer their users the most in convenience!

Fingerprint Reader

While many phones are equipped with fingerprint reading technology, few computers or tablets are capable of replicating this extra level of security. However, on OC Rugged’s online store, many of our rugged laptops can have a fingerprint scanner installed seamlessly on your device. So whether you work in law enforcement or you have sensitive military files that require restricted access, you can easily ensure that prying eyes are not able to access your rugged electronic device.

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