Military-Grade Specs | Outlast Competition

19th Feb 2015

Everyone knows that there are everyday professions that will benefit from using fully rugged laptops. We also know that there are some very extreme jobs that will benefit from using fully rugged laptops. Well there are also little known professions around the world that use fully rugged laptops on a daily basis. Some of these extreme jobs will make you want to switch professions. Others may make you cringe and send thanks for your current profession.

Really tough jobs can be physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging in ways that you and I have never thought possible. From trekking in forests for days on end to spending the majority of their lives on at sea, these professionals make us thankful for our cushy office jobs.

Here are 5 little known jobs that benefit from using fully rugged laptops:

  1. Bomb Techs: The fully enclosed nature of rugged laptops make these laptops ideal for bringing into a sensitive area.
  2. Bounty Hunter: Apprehension of bail-skippers cannot be easy. These individuals may also get into small (or large) fender benders. They will need a computer to keep up with their high-speed lifestyles.
  3. Fisherman: These men and women spend the majority of their time on the open ocean. The enclosed nature of a fully rugged laptop will protect against water and sea salt.
  4. Loggers: Men and women who spend long periods of time outdoors in different weather conditions can stay connected with a fully rugged laptop.
  5. Researchers: These individuals can spend LONG periods of time deep in a tropical rainforest, the arid plains of a desert, or within a sterile facility. Not just any piece of technology will hold up to their needs or weather conditions.

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