Military-Grade Laptops for 5 Rugged Jobs

12th Feb 2015

Well, not everyone can sit behind a computer all day. Have you ever met a person who prefers to be active, outdoors, and in a small degree of danger during their workday? You may be wondering how these individuals stay connected to the world during work.Well it’s easy, they own a fully rugged laptop.

A fully rugged laptop will allow an individual to stay connected to the world without missing a beat. These laptops are 100% solid and functional. Built to meet MIL and IP specifications, these laptops can handle abuse. Fully rugged laptops are sealed to protect from water, fine dust, snow, salt, heat, cold, and sand. Their screens are also viewable in any conditions even direct sunlight. That’s pretty incredible.

Here are 5 truly rugged professions that would benefit from owning a fully rugged laptop:

  1. Volcanologist: These individuals spend their time in remote locations with less than ideal environments. Fully rugged electronics are the only type that will withstand the ever changing weather conditions, heat, and potential shocks.
  2. Location Photographer: These jobs require intense travel to some very exotic locations. A laptop must be ready for any weather condition.
  3. Demolition Expert: These individuals spend a lot of time around dust, debris, and flying objects. A fully rugged laptop will hold up to everything!
  4. Marine Biologist: Spending vast amounts of time on the open ocean will lead these individuals to find a rugged laptop that can hold up to the sea sprays and salt.
  5. Blacksmith: These individuals spend their days in a dirty room with intense heat. Only fully rugged laptops can keep up with this profession.

No matter what rugged profession you participate in on a daily basis, a fully rugged laptop is waiting for you. Visit OC Rugged to shop our entire inventory of fully rugged laptops at the best prices.