Comparison: Semi vs. Fully Rugged Laptops

20th Jul 2015

A notebook and laptop

All rugged and semi-rugged laptops are built to military specifications. This means that regardless of whether a laptop is labeled as semi-ruggedized or fully rugged, you will be getting a laptop that meets some or all military specifications. Hearing the term “semi-rugged” or “fully rugged” does not provide much background on the difference between these rugged laptops.

Fully Rugged Laptops

These electronic devices were built with the rugged individual in mind. Fully rugged laptops were developed to work in any condition, while conventional laptops can break down when used in harsh conditions. Fully rugged laptops are fully waterproofed and sealed to protect against shock, vibration, and Mother Nature. No dust, moisture, salt, or temperatures can affect the internal components or the function of the screen. These laptops are perfect for rugged professionals that spend the majority of their workday outside in the elements. These laptops pass all 28 different tests for durability that the Military Specification Testing sets out.

construction worker using rugged laptop

Semi-Rugged Laptops

While incredibly tough, laptops that are semi ruggedized are not built to fully rugged laptop specifications. Think of a semi-rugged laptop as a conventional laptop that has undergone a ruggedization process. The case is upgraded to withstand drops, the keyboard is typically spill-proof, and the internal components can withstand both cold and warm temperatures. However, unlike fully rugged laptops, semi-rugged laptops are susceptible to a decrease in performance in extreme temperatures or frozen screens at freezing temperatures.

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