Read what our clients are saying about the rugged laptops, Toughbooks, and rugged tablets that are offered by OCRuggedLaptops.com:

We ordered parts for our N15RI and got free shipping. The response was amazing, you know your product information and customer service is reliable. 

Eric W.

Law Office

We work in the outdoors and weren't sure what type of rugged laptop we needed. The attention to detail from OC Rugged's team helped us get the right laptop and made sure we didn't over spend. Working with a team of professionals helped us build the machine we needed while staying within budget and they made sure our deadline was met with expedited shipping. Thank you for the help and dedication to our project. 

Fernando G.


We were looking for a company that could provide a complete project. We needed rugged laptops and Garmin GPS handhelds and printers for the cars. We are on the East coast and were able to speak with a rep in person and he took over the project. We were able to choose from many different manufacturers and they knew everything there is to know about them. They wouldn't let us over spend and were confident in their decisions of product selection. We trust their decisions and have been happy ever since. We got everything we needed from one location and had a dedicated rep to deal with. We will be back for our next refresh. Thank you. 

Eric S.

Home Delivery 

We bought the Toughbook CF30 from you and could not be happier. We have used Toughbooks in our fleet for many years can not imagine using anything else in our cars. Our officers spill, drop and just straight out get destructive with these Toughbooks and they keep on ticking. You guys are our new provider because you have the lowest prices on the net with the fastest delivery time we've EVER received. 

Rugged notebooks are a key tool for our daily operations and OC Rugged understood that and made sure our requirements were fulfilled. We would recommend OC Rugged to anyone in need of a knowledgeable staff, tough laptops and quick shipping. 

Sgt. J

Police Department

We were shopping for Panasonic Toughbooks and found the lowest price on your site. We spoke with a team of people that really knew what they talking and were very patient with our decision making. Being part of a fortune 500 company, making a purchase isn't that easy and could be time consuming I thank you for putting up with our questions and thank you for going the distance to provide us with as much information as possible to make the right choice.

We needed a complete setup for our communication center, laptops, desktops, LCDs and printers. You saved us time by providing all the required items from one location. You are our new go to providers for all our IT purchases. 

Lynne C.

Fortune 500 Company

Your site is like a candy store for the rugged user, so many flavors (brands) from so many different great companies. We know the key players in the rugged computing industry and to have them all in one place is nice. Speaking with our account manager they didn't push one brand over the other but rather qualified my usage and directed me to the right product. We thought we needed a fully rugged laptop but ended up saving thousands of dollars by going with a semi rugged laptop. Our account manager showed us different methods folks were using rugged laptops and our case fit right in with there's. The one thing our account manager made sure of was that we make an educated purchase. She broke down the laptop and taught us everything we needed to know about that laptop, where we could use it, how hard we could be on it and what configuration was available. We have never had someone spend so much time and show us such a different side of a laptop. I feel like I could market this laptop to the manufacturer - I know so much about it now. We made the right choice by contacting OC Rugged Laptops. Thank you.

Tad F.

Fortune 500 Company

We work in a clean environment and need something that could be dropped, cleaned and continue working with ease. That's all I had to say when I called. They took over our request, asked questions, took our requirements and came back with choices from commercial rugged to semi rugged to fully rugged to ultra rugged. They were clear in explaining what we needed and didn't need and with our confirmation we starting canceling out notebooks. Too heavy, too bulky, not in our budget. Every question had an answer and we even spoke directly with the manufacturer and they referred us to oc rugged laptops. We were glad to hear this coming from the manufacturer. This showed an extreme amount of trust and that was key to us. We couldn't have found a better company to handle our needs. 

Dr. G

Medical Practice 

We're a small Fire Department and needed laptops for our rigs and first responder vehicles. They were quick to respond, answered our questions and had the lowest price. Will buy from again and was a pleasure doing business with. 

Terry K.

Fire Department