Refurbished Toughbook Warranty is proud to offer the best warranty on the market for recertified Toughbooks. We never request a refurbished Toughbook evaluation, or make you wait weeks for a replacement computer. We simply ship you a new Toughbook, minus the hard drive, within 72 hours! Insert the original hard drive into the replacement Toughbook and you're back up and running in sometimes as quick as 18 hours (never more than 72 hours). Now, try to tell us that this is not the best refurbished Toughbook warranty on the market!

Others ask that you ship in your Toughbook on your own dime and then they sit on it for a week just to tell you the problem isn’t covered under warranty. Toughbooks are a crucial part of your work day to help save lives and aid in servicing others, and we know you can't be without your tools to perform your daily tasks. This is why you can rely on our warranty service to get you back up and running quickly. Don’t settle for limited.

Depending on your warranty level, we will include a return label in the box to ship back the troubled Toughbook. Please note, if your Toughbook returns back to OC Rugged Laptops and is working fine, you will be charged for the return shipping.

If an issue arises while under warranty, you can contact our support line or customer service line 24 hours a day to speak with a rep or to leave a message. When leaving a message, please include your contact information, including your email address and order number or the name used to place your order.

Rest assured, your refurbished Toughbook from OC Rugged Laptops is protected. Extend your Warranty to one, two, or three years for added protection.