RAM® Quick-Grip™ XL Phone Mount with RAM® Tough-Strap™ Handlebar Base - RAP-B-460-A-PD4U

Part#: RAP-B-460-A-PD4U   UPC: 793442027062 Patented




The RAM® Tough-Strap™ is lowest profile rugged mounting solution for any bike or motorcycle handlebars. With two different size straps, easily install the RAM® Tough-Strap™ on any mountain bike, road bike or e-bike with a simple twist of a knob.

This RAM® Tough-Strap™ Handlebar Mounting kit includes a short length RAM® B size socket arm and a RAM® Quick-Grip™ XL phone holder for large cellphones. The long strap is used for bar diameters ranging from 1.25"-1.38" while the short strap is used for diameters ranging from 0.875"-1". Utilize the extra rubber strip to cut down to the diameter range of 1"-1.125" for a more custom fit. Take the RAM® Tough-Strap™ on your next adventure on and off the road.



  • Low profile handlebar mount for large size phones includes the new RAM® Tough-Strap™ and RAM® Quick-Grip™ XL, easily attaching to your handlebar with the turn of a single knob; includes two different strap sizes for handlebars ranging from 0.875"-1", 1"-1.25" and 1.25"-1.38"

  • Ideal handlebar phone mount for all bike types, including mountain bikes, road bikes and e-bikes

  • Kit includes a short length RAM® B size socket arm, B size ball base, and spring-loaded RAM® Quick-Grip™ XL phone holder featuring adjustable side supports that provide a secure fit for a variety of large size phones and other devices with and without a case; ball and socket technology allows for near-infinite adjustability

  • Made of high-strength composite and stainless steel hardware for durability and reliability in the most demanding environments

  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


Assembly Hardware

(1) #10-24 x 2.5" Hex Bolt
(1) Long Strap
(1) Short Strap
(1) Long Rubber Strip
(1) Short Rubber Strip
(1) Tightening Knob

Height Range: 5.75" - 7.25"

Width Range: 2.625" - 3.625"
Max Depth: .72"

0.875" - 1.38"

B Size (1")

Standard Use: 2 lbs

Heavy-Duty Use: 1 lb

High strength composite


Compatible Devices: 

iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 11 iPhone 13 iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 14 Pro Max
iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 12 iPhone 13 Pro Max iPhone 15
iPhone Xr iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 14 iPhone 15 Plus
iPhone Xs Max iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 14 Plus iPhone 15 Pro Max


Galaxy A6 Galaxy A10e Galaxy J5 (2017) Galaxy Note Fan Edition Galaxy S23+
Galaxy A6+ Galaxy A10s Galaxy J7 Galaxy On NXT Galaxy S23 Ultra
Galaxy A7 Galaxy A11 Galaxy J7 (2016) Galaxy On7 Galaxy S6 Active
Galaxy A7 (2016) Galaxy A20 Galaxy J7 (2017) Galaxy On7 Prime Galaxy S6 Edge+
Galaxy A7 (2017) Galaxy A20e Galaxy J7 (2018) Galaxy On8 Galaxy S7 Active
Galaxy A7 (2018) Galaxy A30 Galaxy J7 Max Galaxy S10 Galaxy S7 Edge
Galaxy A8 Galaxy A50 Galaxy J7 Perx Galaxy S10 5G Galaxy S8
Galaxy A8 (2016) Galaxy A50s Galaxy J7 Prime Galaxy S10+ Galaxy S8 Active
Galaxy A8 (2018) Galaxy 70 Galaxy J7 Prime 2 Galaxy S20 Galaxy S8+
Galaxy A8+ Galaxy A80 Galaxy J7 V Galaxy S20+ Galaxy S9
Galaxy A8+ (2018) Galaxy A90 5G Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Galaxy S9+
Galaxy A9 (2016) Galaxy C7 Galaxy Note 8 Galaxy S22 5G Galaxy XCover 4
Galaxy A9 (2018) Galaxy C7 Pro Galaxy Note 9 Galaxy S22+ 5G Galaxy XCover 5
Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) Galaxy C9 Pro Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S22 Ultra Galaxy Z Fold2
Galaxy A10 Galaxy E7 Galaxy Note 10 Plus Galaxy S23 Galaxy Z Fold3



Exposure to vibrations, like those generated by high-powered motorcycle engines, might impact iPhone cameras. Click here to learn more.