Mounting RAM Mounts®

Rugged professionals often need to be able to access information quickly and easily. This is one of the main reasons police officers, firefighters, and many other professionals have mounted laptops in their work vehicles. RAM Mounts® understands there is a need for vehicle laptop mounts that are easy to install and even easier to use. This is exactly the reason why they began to release specialized RAM mounting systems that are compatible across multiple industries. RAM Mount® was introduced in 1992 and immediately took over the vehicle mounting accessory market for rugged electronics.  


Even with the ease of installation, mounting a RAM Ball Mount or a new tray or dock might be a little involved. Most of the mounting systems that RAM has developed work specifically for make, model, and year of a specific vehicle. There is a mounting system or product line for all motorized forms of transportation to hold all rugged electronics. If you have any trouble mounting any of the RAM Mounts®, here are a few tips to help you navigate any problem:


  • All vehicle laptop mounts were designed to use the existing passenger seat side rails for installation.

  • It is easiest to start by assembling the tough tray with the side keepers. You will utilize the #10 screws 2 of the side keepers along the ridged portion of the tough tray.

  • Open the laptop you will be using, and position it on top of the slide portion of the tough tray. Position the side keepers over the side of the laptop to determine side keeper position. Securely screw side keepers in an upright position.

  • Repeat the process with the remaining 2 side keepers to the housing portion.

  • Attach one end of the spring to the tough tray with a washer and screw.

  • Next, turn the tough tray and the housing portion upside down, insert the tray, and attach the other end of the spring to the housing portion.

  • Next, securely attach the ball plate to the bottom of the housing tray first.

  • Assemble the upper telescoping pole before attaching the articulating swing arm assembly.

  • Attach the articulating swing arm to the upper telescoping pole.

  • Assemble and attach the lower telescoping pole and the base. Make sure to leave one hole free on the base for the stabilizer.

  • Securely attach the base and the bottom telescoping pole to the passenger seat.

  • Attach the upper telescoping pole, articulating arm, and the housing portion to the stabilized base.

To learn more about RAM Mounting Systems, you can contact or visit RAM Mount® for how-to videos.