Motorola MW810 Mobile Workstation

A mobile computer desk is the perfect workstation for a professional that is on the move. The fully rugged Motorola MW810 portable workstation offers state of the art computing power from inside a vehicle. With flexibility, expandability, and a variety of vehicle mount applications, this is the ideal system for military personnel, police officers, and firefighters. The Motorola MW810 offers seamless multi-network roaming with rugged internal radios. This mobile workstation also allows for reliable connectivity even at high speeds. The MW810's internal GPS and Dead Reckoning GPS module options help you to verify your vehicle location reliably and accurately. The MW810 will protect all of the critical and sensitive components through the rugged vehicle mounting system.

The Motorola MW810 offers better processing speeds due to the power of the Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The powerful processing cored handle the same tasks in less time all while consuming less power. The MW810 uses a heat-and-shock-protected 80GB HDD for reliability across many environments. The MW810 can also be run using the 4GB flash drive rather than the 80GB HDD.

Performance Specifications:

• 12.1" transflective LCD screen

• Standard 500 NIT brightness

• XGA screen resolution

• Tempered glass touch screen

• Screens accept digital or analog input

• Three USB ports

• Backlit keyboard

• One touch emergency distress signal

• Internal PCI Express Mini slots allows for wireless LAN and WAN radio

• Three piece design   

Optional Performance Specifications:

• Additional expansion and interfaces for the primary display unit

• May accommodate additional expansion boards

• Option for additional DVI video output

• Option for 4 additional USB ports

• Up to 4 RS232 ports or composite video output

• Improved NIT brightness up to 1200

• Bluetooth

• Entire platform can be customized to fit customer needs

Rugged Durability Features:

• Supports 12 or 24 volt vehicle power

• IP54 sealing

• Fully operational during extreme temperature conditions; -22° and 158°

• Meets MIL-STD-810F specifications for humidity, shock, flammability, radiation, vibrations, dust, fog, salt, etc. 

Key Features:

Fixed-Mount System for Vehicles 
Versatile and Customizable Three-Piece Design 
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Options 
Expanded I/O Capabilities 
Supports Multiple Internal Radios 
Dual Display Option 
High Brightness and High-Contrast Display Option