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When you work in an extreme environment, standard electronic devices are just not going to make the cut. You cannot afford to lose the time and data you would if you tried to use a traditional laptop or handheld PC in your position. If you work in the military, health care, public safety, construction, or manufacturing, and, like most workers today, need access to a computer, a rugged or semi-rugged device is what you need. However, sometimes a laptop is just unnecessarily bulky, particularly if it is fully rugged. When a fully rugged or semi-rugged laptop is too bulky for your needs, a rugged PDA can be the perfect compromise. While being able to withstand the drops, spills, and extreme conditions that a fully rugged laptop can, a rugged PDA also has the advantage of being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. When you work in extreme conditions and need a device that is tough enough to keep up with you, but small enough to be convenient and easy to carry, a rugged PDA is perfect for you.  

With recent advancements in technology, PDAs can function just as well as traditional laptop computers. Their screens are designed to be readable in any outdoor conditions, and they are able to withstand drops from 6 feet. If you ever need to send emails from the road or outside, a rugged PDA will be able to give you full access to your inbox from anywhere. They can also withstand such circumstances as humidity, vibration, spills, dust, dirt, and extremely high or low temperatures. With the durability of a fully rugged laptop and the mobility of a smartphone, you cannot go wrong with a rugged PDA.

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Rugged laptops are essential tools for a variety of industries, including the military, public safety, health care, federal government, construction, and the private sector. That is because rugged electronics can stand up to the rigors of everyday use, no matter the situation - rain, sand, vibration, shock, drop, high to low temperatures, and the highest altitudes to the lowest. There are many applications for a rugged mobile computer. Rugged notebooks are made durable to withstand the punishment that go along with the daily use of these machines. If you work in the field or if you drive a vehicle, on and off the construction site, in and out of war zones, or you just don't think plastic is strong enough for your lifestyle, a rugged laptop is the solution. Shop OC Rugged Laptops for the best ruggedized laptops on the market!