Fully Rugged Convertibles

Many rugged individuals need to be ready for anything that their careers can throw at them. This includes extreme weather conditions and less-than-ideal locations. Fully rugged convertible laptops were built specifically for the individual who will need laptops and tablets on the job site. Not only have these convertible tablets passed rigorous testing (more than 500 manufacturer tests), they receive fantastic performance reviews from customers as well! These rugged convertible laptops have the highest possible processors to reduce the amount of lag time while in the field.

Choosing between laptops and a tablets no longer has to be an issue. OC Rugged offers the highest quality, longest lasting, and most rugged convertible tablets on the market. Now, no matter where the job takes you, you have an electronic device that can keep up. Each and every one of our tablets, laptops, and convertible electronics are built to be tough. The amazingly rugged Panasonic Toughbook 19 is a laptop and tablet in one! The convertible electronics can be used in any environment, even bright and sunny days.

Learn all about the specifications of each fully rugged convertible with OC Rugged's help!